“Paul Harrison, at, is a joy to work with as he understands everything that’s on the page both musically and technically and he also knows exactly what musicians would like to experience when they are reading the dots.”   Euan Stevenson, Pianist & Composer

The results were beautifully readable, which inspires confidence in the players, and they have a great tool to do their jobs with and that means my music sounds better. If you’re a composer considering getting someone to take on some of this work, I’d say go for it, you won’t regret it.”   Martin Green, LAU


Talented musicians need to present their ideas and work to a high level but might lack the time and tools to do so. It takes time, skill and specialised knowledge to present publishing-quality music. That’s where I can help.
An engraver takes draft or handwritten music and transforms it into clear, printable form. I can finish your hand-written score, composition or arrangement to make it ready for performers, publishers or clients. A polished musical score is a thing of great beauty, but it can also lead to better results and use of time in a rehearsal or recording session. 


You might have written a work for a big band or orchestra, choir or chamber ensemble. Perhaps you are looking for a lead sheet for a song or chord chart for a jazz tune. I can work with music of different scale and complexity, and welcome enquiries about bespoke projects and your particular needs.
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My name is Paul Harrison. I have 25 years’ experience of writing and arranging music and I teach performance, composition, theory and notation at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have done engraving work for Channel 4 Educational Books, Tippermuir Books, and numerous projects for groups and individual musicians, as well as my own work. See below for examples.


When I receive your enquiry, we will arrange a time to discuss your individual requirements, timescales and costs with you. You can send your completed score as a handwritten manuscript, scan, or as a computer file in one of the common formats (Sibelius, Dorico, Finale or musicXML). Alternatively, I can transcribe audio recordings before engraving.

After you send me your file I will work through it carefully to make sure the musical intention is clear. I may correct obvious mistakes and will check that it works for the instrumentation you have chosen. I may suggest some edits to you and will balance and configure the elements of notation for maximum legibility. This creates an elegant and readable layout. On completion of the engraving I will ensure you are happy with the layout and appearance of the score and / or parts. You will be sent an electronic PDF of the work and I can direct you to printing and binding services on request.
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Voice and piano songbook. Multi-verse lyrics, chord symbols, and a contemporary look


Jazz Orchestra arrangement, 14 piece band in full score

Technically demanding contemporary music for clarinet and piano.

Chamber music trio. Score / piano part.

Songbook for children, with separate block lyrics and guitar chord summary

A commission for string quintet, drums, percussion, keyboard and electronics

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I can also transcribe, copy, transpose, arrange or orchestrate music.  Additionally, I can produce audio realisations of music, using the best instrument sample libraries.
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